Our mission at MrandMsWonder is to help you think differently about cannabis


When it came to cannabis, we had so many questions. There are so many products and so much information, it’s hard to be sure what’s right for you, what actually works, and how to separate the best-in-class from the snake oil.

That’s why we started MrandMsWonder – to bring transparency, to answer your questions about all things cannabis, make you feel more comfortable with the idea that it can be a valuable wellness tool, and introduce you to a highly curated group of premium brands along the way. Because the way we think about our food, beauty, and wellness products should also be the way we think about our cannabis products.

We are a safe space for anyone out there who’s curious about CBD but doesn’t know where to start. We have done the research, asked the hard questions, tested the products, and chosen only the best. We only sell products that we are excited to put in our own bodies, and we’ve worked hard to provide clarity on the information you want and need to know before making a purchase. If we don’t know something or if the research is unclear*, we’ll tell you that too.

And that’s where the MrandMsWonder promise comes in : The Best In CBD Products 
  • CLEAN: Highly vetted ingredients, so you know what’s inside.
  • TRUSTED: Highly tested in third-party labs, so you know it’s safe.
  • EFFECTIVE: Highly recommended by the experts, so you know it works.

Our goal is to be worthy of your trust.

We would love to hear from you including any feedback you have on our processes, thoughts on any of our products, or ideas on how we can do better.  

You can reach us at hello@mrandmswonder.com 


*Not all brands have all of tests (they’re expensive) – we’ll always tell you who has what.